FT revelations cause political upheaval in Greece ahead of election battle

Greek main opposition party leader Alexis Tsipras took a swipe at Prime Minister Antonis Samaras labelling him “Barroso’s puppet” on May 13 2014.

The left-wing SYRIZA party leader was commenting on a Financial Times article published earlier this week which caused great political upheaval in Greece less than two weeks away from a European Parliament election.

The Financial Times revealed European Commission President Jose Manuel Barroso encouraged Antonis Samaras and Evangelos Venizelos in November 2011 to block George Papandreou’s (the PM at the time) proposal for a referendum on Greece’s euro membership.

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(Evangelos Venizelos, Greek Deputy Prime Minister and Minister for Foreign Affairs, Antonis Samaras and José Manuel Barroso, at a December 2013 meeting. Photo: EC Audiovisual Service)