Bulgarian exports to other EU countries up 2.1% year-on-year – statistics institute

In January – September 2014, Bulgarian exports to other European Union countries were 2.1 per cent higher than in the same period of 2013, according to figures released on December 9 by the National Statistics Institute (NSI).

Exports to other EU countries added up to 19.9 billion leva, the NSI said in a summary of preliminary figures.

The main trading partners of Bulgaria were Germany, Italy, Romania, Greece, France and Belgium, which accounted for 71.3 per cent of the exports to the EU member states.

However, in September 2014, exports to the EU decreased by 2.5 per cent compared to the corresponding month of the previous year and amounted to 2.4 billion leva.

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(Photo of Varna port: Gramatikoff)