Bulgaria’s ailing socialist party looks at leadership changes, cost savings

The Bulgarian Socialist Party, now officially in opposition with Parliament poised to vote in a new government, not only faces reduced financial circumstances but also is looking at a shake-up in its executive bureau.

After years of defeats under Sergei Stanishev, the BSP elected Mihail Mikov as its leader ahead of Bulgaria’s October 5 parliamentary elections. Those elections saw the BSP kicked into a distant second place, returning to the National Assembly with a record-low number of MPs.

Mikov, however, was in no immediate danger of falling – even his rivals said that he had too little time before the early elections to reverse the once-mighty party’s declining fortunes.

On November 7, the party’s national council was to meet, to discuss changes to the executive bureau. Mikov claimed that the changes to the executive bureau would be intended to “improve the efficiency of work”.

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