Hungary: Only Jobbik satisfied as Fidesz marches on

Hungary’s local elections on October 12 delivered few surprises as Fidesz consolidated its power and the left-wing conceded ground to Jobbik. Turnout, at 44 per cent was lower than the 46 per cent in 2010.

Fidesz won in 22 out of Hungary’s 23 major cities. Socialist stalwart László Botka won in Szeged, the left-wing opposition’s only big city win.

“With our success in the local elections we have our third win”, while in Budapest “we have more than a two-thirds”, Prime Minister Viktor Orbán said. “Cohesion, cooperation and unity have won the day… animosity, division, cynicism and hopelessness have been defeated… We will make Hungary great in the next four years.”

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