Just when you thought it could not get weirder: meet Bulgaria’s Patriotic Front

In the auspicious presence of the heroes of Bulgarian history ancient and modern, or at least young men costumed to portray them, Bulgaria’s new Patriotic Front was formed on August 3, quite possibly heralding the latest form of lunatic fringe destined to take its place in the country’s next legislature.

From the parliamentary election of 2005 to now, that place has been occupied by Volen Siderov’s ultra-nationalist far-right Ataka party, but now that Siderov’s political fortunes have evaporated, it seems that his estranged political partner may take his place when Bulgaria’s 43rd National Assembly is elected on October 5 2014.

More recently, the outlandishly populist Bulgaria Without Censorship (BWC) appeared on the scene, spawned from a well-funded televised talk show with former journalist Nikolai Barekov as its figurehead.

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