Windows XP gets security patch for Internet Explorer

Microsoft has announced that its latest security update for Internet Explorer is being made available for users of Windows XP, even though the software firm stopped supporting that version of its operating system in favor of the newer versions, Windows 7 or 8.1.
Microsoft ended technical support, including automatic security updates, for Windows XP on April 8, saying it wants to use its resources for supporting newer technologies.
However, last week a security flaw was discovered in Internet Explorer, versions 9 through 11, which enabled hackers to gain access to computers using Windows XP.
The new security patch will be installed automatically on most computers using Windows XP. Users who opted to use the manual update are being encouraged to do it as soon as possible.
Microsoft is calling on users of Windows XP to upgrade their operating system and install the latest version of Internet Explorer 11.

(Photo: Brian Lary)