Drought in Turkey may prompt electricity imports from Bulgaria, Georgia and Iran

Drought that has left water levels in reservoirs running seriously low, especially in eastern and south-eastern Anatolia, may prompt Turkey to import electricity from Bulgaria, Iran and Georgia to prevent power cuts this summer, according to Bulgarian and Turkish media reports.

Turkish Minister of Energy and Natural Resources Taner Yildiz also told reporters that Turkey had agreed an option for cheaper Russian gas supplied via the Blue Stream pipeline. He said this after a meeting with Gazprom’s Alexander Medvedev.

The 1213km Blue Stream gas pipeline, with an annual capacity of 16 billion cubic meters of gas was commissioned in December 2002 to directly supply gas to Turkey across the Black Sea. Blue Stream supplements the existing gas transmission corridor running from Russia to Turkey via Ukraine, Moldova, Romania and Bulgaria.

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(Photo: greenhitma/sxc.hu)