Hungarian elections – Pollsters predict Fidesz landslide

Hungary’s April 6 2014 parliamentary election is only two days away and the fresh projections of three pollsters suggest that Fidesz will almost certainly come away victorious this Sunday. Though the governing party lost the 2002 election despite being ahead in the polls, this time it’s different: the gap is much wider and the number of undecided voters is lower than 12 years ago.

Support for the ruling Fidesz-Christian Democrat alliance rose from 37 per cent in February to 40 per cent by March among all voters, said pollster Nézőpont. Backing for the main rival left-of-centre Governmental Change alliance was 19 per cent, one percentage point up from the previous month. Radical nationalist Jobbik remained unchanged at 12 per cent. From among the smaller parties, only opposition LMP is seen by Nézőpont as standing a chance of entering Parliament but it is just below the five per cent threshold for seats. Nézőpont estimated the Fidesz- KDNP alliance can count on 2.5 million voters, the left alliance about 1.5 million and Jobbik 820 000.

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