Tymoshenko: ‘Heroes will never die’

Freed ex-Prime Minister Yulia Tymoshenko:

“My dears, when I came to Kyiv I could not recognize Kyiv – burnt cars, barricades, but this is free country that you have given us as a gift. When I came to Kyiv, the first thing I wanted to do is to go to Hrushevskoho Street and touch the barricades where Ukrainian boys and girls were first ready to give their lives for Ukraine.

“People who have been on Maidan and died here are heroes. Heroes will never die. They will always be with us. They will be our inspiration. Every official and every politician who will at least think of betraying you should see these boys in front of his eyes.

“When snipers were shooting in the hearts of our guys, those are the bullets that will always wound us. If we do not take those (snipers) to court, we should be ashamed.

For the full story on Tymoshenko’s February 22 speech, please visit The Kyiv Post.

(Photo: tymoshenko.ua)