Bulgarian, Turkish road transport bodies to meet in Istanbul over permits problem

Road transport associations from Bulgaria and Turkey are to meet in Istanbul on February 13 2014 to discuss the issue of transit permits which have led to problems for trucks at the Bulgarian-Turkish border in recent days.

This is ahead of a meeting arranged earlier between Bulgarian and Turkish government officials in Ankara on February 21.

The meeting of the road associations from the two countries was arranged in an exchange of letters between Bulgarian Enterprises for International Road Transport head Georgi Petarneichev and the Roads (AEBTRI) and International Transporters Association of Turkey (UND) head Çetin Nuhoğlu. The meeting was initiated by the International Road Transport Union.

The problem began after Turkey reciprocated for the failure of Bulgaria to issue a prior agreed number of permits for the transit of trucks. Turkish transport authorities said that Bulgaria had agreed to their request to issue 125 000 truck transit permits but instead issued only 5000.

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