Dan Brown scouts the secrets of Prague while on ‘vacation’

Author Dan Brown made a quick tour of Prague, and rumours have started that he is contemplating using the city as a location in his next novel. The best-selling American writer was officially on a short vacation trip that ended on the morning of Friday, January 17 2014, but some of his sightseeing was more in line with novel research. “As you know I like secrets. I never reveal what I’m writing about. But this visit has been very inspirational,” he said at a news conference earlier in the week. It was his first visit to the city, and he also appeared at a staged reading of his most recent novel Inferno at the Nová scena.

Brown saw a number of historical landmarks in Prague, including the synagogues in Josefov, the Jewish quarter. He is particularly interested in Jewish culture, he said. In addition, he has visited what he termed “secret libraries” as well as monasteries and castles. “I’ve even made it down into your sewer system,” he added. Many of these locations seem in line with the plots of his novels, which rely on mysteries linked to real but obscure locations.
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