Romania exports up, imports down over the three quarters of 2013

Romania’s exports are up by 8.4 per cent over the first nine months of this year compared to the same period of 2012, while imports have decreased by 0.7 per cent, show statistics released today by the National Institute of Statistics (INS).

The country’s exports rose to 160.8 billion lei (36 billion euro) while imports decreased to 179.2 billion lei (40 billion euro), according to the data.

Thus, the trade deficit over the first three quarters of this year measured 18.3 billion lei (about four billion euro), about 13.7 billion lei (three billion euro) lower than the one registered over the same period last year.

Still, exports in September alone came under the value of imports, with a 19.8 lei (4.4 billion euro) to 21.7 billion lei (4.8 billion euro) ratio.

At the same time, the exports to the rest of the EU between January and September rose to 112.2 billion lei (25.4 billion euro) while imports from other EU member states amounted to 136.4 billion lei (30.9 billion euro), representing 69.8 per cent of the country’s overall exports and 76.1 per cent of all the imports, respectively.

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