Bulgaria to expel 12 Syrian asylum seekers, head of State Agency for National Security says

Twelve Syrian asylum seekers are to be expelled from Bulgaria, the head of the country’s State Agency for National Security said on October 22.

SANS head Vladimir Pisanchev told local media that some of the expulsions were for purely criminal behaviour but declined to say whether others were associated with extremist Islamic groups, because investigations are continuing.

Pisanchev’s statements come against a background of what the government has described as a steady and rising tide of refugees in Bulgaria, with about 40 per cent of the current number of refugees coming from Syria.

In all, there are currently about 6500 refugees in Bulgaria, according to official figures.

Some opposition politicians and sections of the Bulgarian media have made much of the possibility that extremists could seek to infiltrate Bulgaria in the guise of refugees.

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(Photo: Chris Chidsey)