Romania steps up security measures amid wide street protests

The Romanian Government asked the police and gendarmes to sharpen measures against unauthorized streets protests across the country which have multiplied lately and which ended in blocking road traffic either in the cities or on national roads.

Romania has been for more than a month the stage of wide street protests against the gold mining project at Rosia Montana, in Western Carpathians, and, recently, the shale gas explorations in the east of the country. Other than limited scuffles, the gendarmes refrained from intervening to disperse the crowds.

But in a press conference today, Radu Stroe, minister of the Interior, warned the situation would change. While underlining the state authorities seek to avoid direct confrontation with the citizens who protest peacefully, Stroe warned „it has been too long and the organizers of the protests need to understand they have to observe the law, willy-nilly”.

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