More than 1100 refugees from the war in Kosovo still in Macedonia

More than 1100 refugees from the 1999 war in Kosovo are still in Macedonia.

The United Nations High Commission for Refugees said that there are still concerns about these refugees and that efforts are being made for their repatriation. Mohammad Arif, head of UNHCR in Skopje emphasised that the priority of the organisation is the repatriation of these refugees and offering them the necessary facilities for them to return to Kosovo.

“As far as the issue of Kosovo refugees is concerned, we collaborate with the government and other international organisations to find a permanent solutions for these refugees. By permanent solution we mean voluntary repatriation, which 200 of them are ready to do, but the problem is that they have no adequate accommodation. There are around 30 families that benefit from the EU project in Kosovo for the reconstruction of their houses,” he said.

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