Floods sweep southern Romania

More than 60 litres of rainwater fell in Pitesti, within just three hours. Several inhabitants were rescued by boats. Dozens of cars were damaged by water in the streets of the town.

Heavy rain hit southern Romania yesterday, with the most affected area being the town of Pitesti. According to realitatea.net, water was more than 2 metres high in some areas of the town, as the amount of rainwater exceeded 60 liters/metre within just 3 hours. Half of the town was inundated because the sewer system could not deal with the huge quantities of precipitations.

There were areas where torrents washed cars dozens of metres down the street. Almost half of the town was left without heating and hot water by the rain, which flooded the facilities of CET Gavana, forcing firefighters to bring pumps and evacuate the water from the basement of the building. The same situation was reported in a number of schools and kindergartens.

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