Bulgarian President Plevneliev denounces smear campaign against him

Bulgarian President Rossen Plevneliev says that he is prepared to take court action to protect the reputation of the Presidency and his good name against media or anyone who publishes or spreads lies and slanders about him.

This was said by the Presidency’s media office after allegations by Nikolai Barekov, a would-be politician and former head of a television owned by the family of which controversial figure Delyan Peevski is a member.

In the past six months, Bulgarian society had seen an organised smear campaign against the head of state, which has long since gone beyond all bounds, the Presidency’s media statement said.

Relations between Plevneliev and the current axis of parties in power – the Bulgarian Socialist Party, Movement for Rights and Freedoms and ultra-nationalists Ataka – have been troubled throughout the high drama of the continuing widespread public rejection of the BSP government.

Plevneliev, who took office as head of state in January 2012 and this year has had to take a leading role in guiding the country through its political crisis, including through the formation of a caretaker cabinet and the holding of early parliamentary elections in May 2013, early on withdrew his confidence from the BSP government after it and the MRF elected Peevski to head the State Agency for National Security.

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(Photo: president.bg)