Romanian president slams France for unsubstantiated opposition to Schengen accession

Romanian president Traian Basescu has asked France to substantiate its accusations against Romania’s alleged precarious security at the borders after French PM Jean Marc Ayrault invoked this as grounds for Paris’ opposition to Romania and Bulgaria’s accession to the Schengen area.

Basescu asked Ayrault for explanations. “I cannot agree with the French PM on the border security. Mister Prim-Minister, please be kind and tell us whether the equipment EADS (pan-European defense company) supplied to us is inappropriate. If so, in this case we are talking about a scam” the Romanian head of state said yesterday in a TV debate hosted by daily Evenimentul Zilei.

“Maybe he is talking about the Romanian border being vulnerable. If so, the French PM informs his European partners and together they deploy border personnel testing actions. Let us see if the Romanian customs officials can resists a 50 Euros bribe. I am not convinced Romania’s border is a settled issue, but I am not convinced about France’s either. Romania’s Schengen reports for 2011 look better than the ones concerning France” he underlined.

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