IMF chief: Economy showing signs of recovery, but growth subdued

International Monetary Fund chief Christine Lagarde says the global economy is showing signs of recovery, but calls the growth “subdued.”In Thursday’s speech to a major business group at the U.S. Chamber of Commerce in Washington, Lagarde said advanced economies are doing better than they were six months ago.  She said emerging economies helped keep the global economy afloat during the economic crisis, but are now slowing down.

Lagarde urged leaders in Washington to fix U.S. public finances.  She said cutting budgets too quickly could hurt the growth in the short run.  But she also urged policymakers to do a better job of managing the soaring cost of pension and medical programs that are growing as the unusually large “Baby Boom” generation moves into retirement.

Lagarde spoke one day after the U.S. central bank decided to continue its strong efforts to stimulate the economy.  Lagarde said the Federal Reserve should cut stimulus efforts gradually when it finally decides the economy is strong enough to do without them.

(Photo: MEDEF)