Tragic accident in Montenegro troubles political waters in Bucharest

The Romanian opposition is up in arms over what it calls a belated reaction from the Romanian authorities to the tragic road accident in Montenegro which killed 18 Romanians and injured other 29 and calls for the foreign minister’s resignation.

Vasile Blaga, the leader of the democrat-liberals, the main opposition party, accused Titus Corlatean, the head of the Romanian diplomacy, of “incompetence” and the institution he leads of “lack of procedures”.

“I couldn’t help noticing some proof of incompetence of the Romanian authorities and the fact that they reacted extremely late in this situation” Blaga said, pointing out the central government had a similar reaction to the hostage crisis in Algeria early this year when two Romanians lost their lives.

“In this situation, two hours after it happened, Mr Corlatean was sending press releases about his excellent football qualities and we also hear the prime-minister was informed after five hours, not by him (Corlatean), but by Raed Arafat, state secretary in the Ministry of Health, these are official statements” Blaga added, referring to the Ministry of Foreign Affairs’ cup, an internal sports competition held last weekend.

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