Top court clears Romanian president of incompatibility charges

Romania’s High Court of Justice has rejected an appeal submitted by the National Integrity Agency (ANI), an independent body tasked with checking public officials’ wealth and assets, which had accused newly-installed president Klaus Iohannis of incompatibility, putting an end to a trial which risked sparking a political crisis in Romanian politics.

The judges rejected ANI’s appeal and endorsed a decision passed by a lower court in September 2013 when it decided Iohannis is not incompatible. The High Court’s decision is final and irrevocable.

ANI, which is one of the two main pillars of Romania’s institutional fight against corruption, declared Iohannis as incompatible in April 2013, when it found Iohannis was simultaneously holding the position of mayor of Sibiu and the municipality’s representative in the board of management of a local water distribution and marketplaces companies.

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