Disused train station to host Holocaust museum

The disused railway station at Prague-Bubny holds significant historical importance for the local Jewish community, who view it as a haunting reminder of the Holocaust. The depot, obsolete since the wartime period, was where the German occupiers gathered hundreds of Jews, deprived them of their identity, assigned them a number and sent them on a train toward the harsh realities of Nazi dictatorship: the Łódź or Terezín ghettos, and onto concentration camps from which most never returned. It was also from this railway station that Prague’s ethnic Germans were later deported at the close of the war.

Now, as developers work to transform the area between metro stations Vltavská and Nádraží Holešovice into a modern new district, a temporary exhibition has shed light on the historical significance of the railway station and the plans to preserve it as a cultural center.
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(Photo: UN Photo/Mark Garten)