Anti-Zionist group hits brick wall

Two members of far-right party Jobbik, Enikõ Hegedûs and deputy chairman Elõd Novák, announced this week an initiative to establish an anti-Zionist group in Parliament. Speaker László Köver nipped the plan in the bud on Tuesday, however, writing to the MPs that Parliament would not allow “anti-Zionist” groups or any other such “provocative” initiatives that would harm Hungary’s interests.
The same day Parliament lifted the immunity from prosecution of former Jobbik lawmaker Balázs Lenhardt, paving the way for a hooliganism prosecution related to his burning of an Israeli flag outside the Foreign Ministry last December.
The previous month Lenhardt had quit the party after launching legal proceedings against Member of the European Parliament Csanád Szegedi, who was himself hounded out of Jobbik following revelations that his maternal grandmother was a Jewish Auschwitz survivor.

(Photo: Clive Leviev-Sawyer)