Film review: Fast and Furious 6

Full disclosure: This is my first The Fast and the Furious film in more than a decade. And yet, despite the inevitable gaps in continuity that have resulted in my understanding of the latest installment – this is No. 6 – the film is actually slightly more enjoyable than one would expect the sixth installment of any franchise to be.

One reason for this is the entertainment value of a uniquely thrilling scene toward the end of the film that has been widely derided as preposterous (rightly so, I might add). But it is this scene, a car chase with a tank bearing down on oncoming traffic on a highway in Spain, that makes it known, loudly and unmistakably, that the film (at least briefly) seeks to entertain at all cost, even if we end up guffawing at its antics.

The scene in question is so ridiculous it should be seen to be – almost – believed (not unlike James Bond’s jump into a moving plane at the beginning of GoldenEye), but it is visually much better conceived than many of the other car chases in the film. These earlier car chases don’t even put the viewer in the driver’s seat and instead relegate the viewing experience to one that is exterior rather than interior. However, the exterior shots – many of them rapid-fire flyovers of the coastal highway on which the action is taking place – are sometimes equally dazzling.

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(Still of Vin Diesel and Dwayne Johnson in Fast & Furious 6. Photo by Giles Keyte – © 2013 – Universal Pictures via