Letter to the Editor: Immigration

Dear Editor,

I see that there is quite a furore about the rights of Bulgarian citizens to work in the U.K from January 2014. I think that the Bulgarian people should know, that people in the U.K are not against Bulgarians coming to the U.K, but are in favour of severely limiting immigration as a whole. Would Bulgarians like it, if whole towns, and areas of Sofia, and indeed other cities, were engulfed by immigrants? Where you can walk down the main street and not hear the native language spoken ? Where on your underground/bus journey you are the only white face in the carriage? I think not!

In general British people are very tolerant but their tolerance is being severely stretched. So Bulgarians shouldn’t think that they are are being picked on at all.

Best Regards

David Clark, Norfolk, U.K

(Photo: Phillip Bramble/sxc.hu)



David Clark

David Clark is a retired businessman and sometime writer. Lived in Bulgaria for 15 happy years, married to a Bulgarian journalist. Currently in the UK.