Film review: Seven Psychopaths

Seven Psychopaths fits very comfortably with such contemporary ever-so-slightly postmodern takes on the crime world as Pulp Fiction, the two Kill Bill films and the uproarious Kiss Kiss Bang Bang, a neo-noir narrated by and starring Robert Downey Jr. in arguably the best role he has ever had.

The trick to pulling these off is to fashion a storyline that is creative, with characters that are alternately scary and hilarious, engaging us on the level of entertainment while providing some thrilling mystery that needs to be solved by the end, though always overtly undercutting its own importance by emphasizing the fictional nature of the film itself.

In a nod to another work of postmodernism and a genuine contemporary classic, Spike Jonze’s 2002 Adaptation., Seven Psychopaths contains a writer with a screenplay whose plot points gradually become visible in the film as well.

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Seven Psycopaths is on circuit in Bulgaria under the title Седемте психопата