Ukrainian opposition to challenge election results, but court appeals likely to be futile

To say that dirty tactics during the campaign and vote tabulation left some people unhappy would be a huge understatement.

Oppositional parties and candidates have spent a good part of the week since Election Day cross-checking protocols, and fighting for their votes – sometimes physically. But as the Central Election Commission is tallying the last votes, the battle moves to another location – the courtrooms.

Unfortunately, the courts might not be able to affect the results in any meaningful way, partly because the deadlines for court appeals are too close (and have passed for some campaign violations), and partly because the courts are notoriously biased in favor of the executive power and against the opposition – a fact that was pointed out by the preliminary report by the Organization for Security and Cooperation in Europe’s election arm, the Office of Democratic Initiatives and Human Rights.

But parties say that won’t stop them from trying.

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(Photo: OSCE Parliamentary Assembly, oscepa/



Oksana Grytsenko of The Kyiv Post

Oksana Grytsenko is a Kyiv Post staff writer.