Hungarian far-right party ‘Jew’ pressured to step down

A Member of the European Parliament from the far-right party Jobbik came under pressure to resign this week after a recording posted on a far-right blog suggested that he had tried to hush up his Jewish ancestry for as much as two years.

Csanád Szegedi – who advocates forcing Roma families into internment camps – was revealed last month to be the grandchild of an Auschwitz survivor named Magdolna Klein.

“When Csanád’s maternal Jewish heritage came to light we still called him a comrade and friend, but fewer and fewer people believe the unrealistic claim that he did not know about this earlier,” Jobbik deputy chairman Novák Elõd said in a Tuesday Facebook post.

The Jobbik MEP said the recording is a fake but Elõd dismissed the claim. “If Csanád’s career is more important to him than the fate of the nation, he should resign,” he said.

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(Photo: European Parliament/ via The Budapest Times.)