Film review: Ice Age: Continental Drift

The sloth, the mammoth and the saber are back, and though they have moved beyond the ice age that gave the series its title, the planet is pushing on, twisting and turning with growing pains. As the film opens, the implications of the subtitle, “Continental Drift,” are made clear as daylight, as the always popular peripheral character, Scrat the Squirrel, once again tries to bury his acorn in the ground; his actions here directly lead to the breakup of Pangaea.

It is rare for Scrat to be so directly involved in the narrative that envelops the rest of the cast, but it is likely a consequence of the new brains behind this, the fourth film in the franchise. Mike Thurmeier was a co-director on the previous installment, Ice Age: Dawn of the Dinosaurs, and Steve Martino made a few Scrat-centered shorts, but this is the first time without either Chris Wedge or Carlos Saldanha, who developed the characters and directed the original Ice Age back in 2002, at the helm.

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