Tymoshenko new target for dirty election campaign

As political ads fill billboards and media all over the country ahead of the Oct. 28 parliament elections, Yulia Tymoshenko is once again becoming a target for some of the most controversial tricks, despite the fact that she’s in prison and has no chance to run.

On June 23 and 24 at least half a dozen local TV channels in different parts of Ukraine broadcast the documentary about the jailed opposition leader. Called The Princess and the Pea, is refers to the popular fairytale. But the plot is far from it.

The hour-long documentary accuses the ex-prime minister of faking her backache, among other things. She is being treated in a Kharkiv hospital for spinal hernia, which is painful and often makes walking difficult.

In the film, her prison doctor speaks on the record, saying that her condition is “not unusual for a person over 40” and argues that “10 per cent of prisoners in jail suffer from it too.”

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(Photo: European Parliament)