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  • Ukraine parliament delays vote on Tymoshenko departure
    November 14, 2013, by VOANews

    Ukraine’s parliament has delayed a vote on a bill that would allow jailed former prime minister Yulia Tymoshenko to go to Germany for medical treatment. Tymoshenko’s supporters in parliament left […]

  • Will EU surround Russian-speaking island in Eastern Europe?
    October 26, 2013, by James Brooke VOA Moscow Bureau Chief

    Moldova and Ukraine, two former Soviet republics, seem to be starting to work toward eventual membership in the European Union. But sandwiched between them is a breakaway splinter of a […]

  • European rights court rules Tymoshenko unlawfully detained
    April 30, 2013, by Lisa Bryant of VOANews

    Europe’s top rights court has ruled that Ukrainian opposition leader Yulia Tymoshenko was unlawfully held in detention before being sentenced to jail in 2011. It’s a decision that may weigh […]

  • Kremlin’s policies shackled by oil and gas giant Gazprom
    March 1, 2013, by Nick Ottens for The Prague Post

    As Russia’s largest oil and gas company is once again embroiled in an energy dispute with Ukraine, the country’s dependence on hydrocarbon exports tests its government’s commitment to further liberalization. […]