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March 23, 2014, by Momchil Metodiev

With the election of the Secretary of the Holy Synod of the Bulgarian Orthodox Church, Bishop Naum, as the new Metropolitan of Rousse – an office made vacant with the […]

In memoriam: Maxim, Patriarch of three eras

November 9, 2012, by Momchil Metodiev

Patriarch Maxim is already part of history – not only the history of Bulgarian Orthodox Church, but of this society as a whole. He had become part o ...

Bulgaria’s ‘Archon’ controversy: The power and the story

July 9, 2012, by Momchil Metodiev

The Bulgarian Orthodox Church’s governing body, the Holy Synod, decided on June 20 2012 to introduce the “honorary title of Archon”, to be confe ...

St Nikolai, Russian church in Sofia, Bulgaria

Different paths: the Russian and Bulgarian Orthodox churches

June 5, 2012, by Momchil Metodiev

In recent months, Bulgarian – Russian church relations have been dominated by a minor dispute – the conflict at the St Nikolai Russian Church in S ...