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May 10, 2014, by Jerome Socolovsky of VOANews

About an hour’s drive from the heart of darkness that was the Auschwitz death camp, there is a bright sunlit room in Krakow full of young Poles learning Hebrew.“Metzuyan!” (Excellent!) […]

Auschwitz march highlights worries about anti-Semitism in Hungary

April 29, 2014, by Jerome Socolovsky of VOANews

Amid concerns about the rise of extremist parties in Europe, around 10,000 people from around the world took part in a march Monday between the former ...

US-Based Muslim preacher leverages influence back in Turkey

January 19, 2014, by Jerome Socolovsky of VOANews

In 1999, a Turkish preacher who ran afoul of the military-backed secular government in Ankara left and sought refuge across the ocean in what was then ...

Archaeologist: Mayans did not predict Apocalypse

December 20, 2012, by Jerome Socolovsky of VOANews

The Internet has been abuzz with rumors that the world will end – or at least be transformed – on Friday, December 21, when a 5,125-year-o ...