A choice between EU and Russia in bad-movie Moldova vote

The final days of Moldova’s current election campaign seem like a bad movie.

On Thursday, Maia Sandu and Andrei Nastase, leaders of the pro-EU opposition alliance, ACUM (NOW), said they were poisoned. On Friday, media outlets with ties to President Igor Dodonof the pro-Russia right-wing populist Socialist party (MSRM) presented what they claimed were handwritten plans to assassinate him.

On top of all that, on Friday, Russia’s Interior Ministry surprised Moldovans by announcing that it is investigating Vlad Plahotniuk, the leader of the ruling center-left Democratic Party (PDM), an oligarch known as the strongman of Chisinau, and his business partners for aiding in the illegal withdrawal of about 37 billion rubles (€500 million/$570 million) from Russian banks.

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(Archive photo: cec.md)