Prespa Agreement comes into force after Athens sends Skopje formal notification

Authorities in Athens have sent a note verbale to Skopje giving formal notice that it has met all of its obligations in order for the Prespa Agreement to come into effect.

Skopje is expected to publish in the Official Gazette on February 12 the date when the new constitutional amendments will come into effect. According to these new amendments, the country’s new constitutional name will be “Republic of North Macedonia”.

Afterwards, authorities in Skopje will inform the United Nations and all regional and international organizations that the Prespa Agreement has come into effect. Authorities will also demand that these countries use the country’s new name from now on.

The Nato flag will be raised on February 12 in front of the Macedonian government building, after the members of the alliance signed the Accession Protocol for the country in Brussels on February 6.

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