‘Be a soldier’: Bulgaria continues recruiting drive to make up shortfall in military

Bulgaria’s Ministry of Defence said that its drive to get people to enlist in the military will resume on February 7 and continue until the end of October 2019.

Titled “Be a Soldier”, the campaign was launched by the Defence Ministry in October 2018, in a response to the serious shortfall of military personnel in Bulgaria.

The ministry said that in 29 cities across Bulgaria, there would be information bureaux for people who are interested in military service.

Detailed information would be available about the requirements for applying to join the military, and also about specific posts in the army, Air Force, Navy, special forces, National Guard and the military police.

“Everyone will be able to, on the spot, get acquainted with the selection criteria, the advantages of the profession of soldier, and career development opportunities in military service,” the Defence Ministry said.

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