Two-thirds of Bulgarians approve ministerial resignations after Svoge bus crash – Alpha Research

Sixty-one per cent of Bulgarians polled by Alpha Research approved of the resignations of three Cabinet ministers that followed the Svoge bus crash, the agency’s Boryana Dimitrova said on September 3.

The findings of the poll were released by Bulgarian National Television a few hours before Deputy Prime Minister Valeri Simeonov’s National Front for the Salvation of Bulgaria – which has rejected the resignations of the ministers, all of whom are from PM Boiko Borissov’s GERB party – was to announce whether it was staying part of the governing coalition.

Simeonov’s party met for several hours on September 1 and 2 on the question of continuing to be part of Borissov’s government, with Simeonov afterwards posting on Facebook harsh criticism of Borissov. Simeonov said that Borissov thought only of his own approval ratings, while the chaotic changes to the executive were “liquidating” the implementation of the governance programme.

Alpha Research’s Dimitrova said that while 61 per cent approved of the resignations and 61.3 per cent said that the changes to the Cabinet did not affect them, people expected the specific problems to be solved, not replaced with a few ministerial resignations.

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