Bulgarian President Radev in Belgrade: Reconciliation in the Balkans needed for European future

The historic reconciliation on which a united Europe is built must be achieved in the Balkans as well, Bulgarian President Roumen Radev told a news conference in Belgrade on June 21.

At the joint news conference with his Serbian counterpart and host Aleksander Vučić, Radev said that protecting the European perspective in the region requires courage, constructiveness, a hindrance to the language of hatred, establishing lasting good neighbourliness and respect for the rights of national minorities.

Serbia’s European integration, bilateral co-operation, and raising the standard of living of the Bulgarian national minority in the country were the leading themes of the meeting between the two presidents, the Bulgarian President’s press office said.

“Today in the relations between Bulgaria and Serbia, positive processes dominate and we are resolved that this trend should become irreversible.

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