Bulgarian National Art Gallery to use 1.7M leva bequest from emigre in Australia to buy new artworks

The Bulgarian National Art Gallery in Sofia is to use the 1.7 million leva (about 869 000 euro) bequeathed to it by an emigre who died in Australia in 2016 to enrich its collection of artworks.

The money was willed to the gallery by Margarita Zaneff, who moved to Australia from Bulgaria in the 1960s. She died there at the age of 95.

After the deaths of Zaneff and her husband, a law firm notified the gallery in Sofia that Zaneff had willed equal sums of money to it and to a gallery in the Australian state of New South Wales.

Bulgaria’s Foreign Ministry said that the lawyer who had drafted Zaneff’s will said that the late Bulgarian emigre had been a great admirer of art and aware of its significance to society.

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(Photo: Marcin Szala)