Bulgarian Foreign Minister Zaharieva urges steps against conditions that drive individuals to violent extremism

Bulgarian Foreign Minister Ekaterina Zaharieva has told the Rhodes Conference for Security and Stability 2017 that additional efforts are needed to find working and sustainable solutions to the crises in the region.

“Prevention of radicalization and extremism through education, protection of heritage, upholding human rights and gender equality will help us tackle many of the conditions that drive individuals to join violent extremist groups,” Zaharieva told the conference, being held on May 22 and 23.

She told the conference, which is being attended by foreign ministers and high-ranking officials from states of the Arab World, the Balkans and the southeastern Mediterranean, that Europe’s relationship to its neighbourhood regions has its deep historical roots.

“It is our responsibility and in the interest of our people to use this interdependence in a constructive and beneficial manner. We are all responsible for the present and the future of the Mediterranean and we have to make sure that our time be remembered as one of the peaks in its long history and not one of its downfalls,” Zaharieva said.

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