Unemployment in Bulgaria drops again, but youth joblessness is up

In a year, unemployment in Bulgaria decreased to 6.6 per cent in March 2017, but at the same time joblessness among youth grew, according to figures released by EU statistics agency Eurostat on May 2.

In March 2016, unemployment in Bulgaria was 8.1 per cent – about 267 000 people. In the same month a year later, 211 000 people were jobless.

The March 2017 unemployment figure was a slight drop on the February 2017 figure, when it was 6.7 per cent. Continuing a trend, this was the latest month in which unemployment in Bulgaria was below the EU average.

But in a counterpoint to the trend, youth unemployment in Bulgaria was up, from 16.7 per cent in March 2016 to 17.5 per cent in March 2017, a rise from 28 000 to 30 000 Bulgarians aged younger than 25.

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(Photo: Josh Klute/freeimages.com)