New missiles in Kaliningrad aimed at hindering Nato ships’ access – Lithuanian defence minister

The deployment by Russia of new missiles in its Baltic Sea enclave Kaliningrad is intended to limit NATO allies’ ships’ access to the Baltic States, the Lithuanian Defence Ministry said.

The ministry was responding to a report that Russia has deployed Bastion coastal defence missile systems in the region located between Poland and Lithuania on the Baltic Sea.

According to the ministry, Russia consistently continues the militarisation of the enclave to interfere with NATO’s ability to move reinforcements into the Baltics in the event of a conflict.

“In this particular case, Russia is enhancing its A2/AD capacities in the Baltic Sea region through the deployment of the Bastion coastal defence missile systems in Kaliningrad. This armament system is designed to restrict access by sea, hinder access for possible allied reinforcements to Lithuania, Latvia, and Estonia via the Baltic Sea,” the ministry’s Public Information Division informed BNS in a comment.

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