Foreign Minister: Bulgarians abroad will have easier time voting in presidential election runoff

Bulgarian Foreign Minister Daniel Mitov says that voting abroad will proceed more easily at the second round of Bulgaria’s presidential elections, being held on November 13, than at the first which saw long queues at polling stations in several foreign countries.

On the first-round election day on November 6, close to 31 000 Bulgarian citizens voted in Turkey, at a total of 35 polling stations – the latter a quarter of the number of polling stations in the previous election. This was a result of amended electoral laws that limited to 35 the number of polling stations in a non-EU country.

In the United Kingdom, there were 35 polling stations on November 6. Seven thousand Bulgarians had given notice in advance that they would be voting in the UK, but actual turnout exceeded that number many times over, resulting in long waits in long queues.

There were 17 polling stations in London, each with long queues.

In Germany, where 240 000 Bulgarians are resident, a total of 3500 gave advance notice that they would vote. On this basis, only 12 polling stations were opened – but again, actual voter turnout was much higher.

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(Photo of Mitov: Bulgarian Foreign Ministry)