Record as more than 34 000 apply to vote abroad in Bulgaria’s 2016 elections

Just more than 34 000 Bulgarians have applied to vote abroad in the country’s November 2016 presidential election, a record higher than in any previous presidential election, the Central Election Commission (CEC) said on October 13.

The highest number of applications was in the United Kingdom, 7106, followed by 6587 in Turkey, 3508 in Germany and 2933 in the United States.

Expatriate Bulgarians will be watching closely the CEC decision, expected on October 15, on where polling stations will be opened abroad and how the decisions will be made.

This is because there already has been controversy over the system provided for in this year’s Electoral Code, which limits to 35 the number of polling stations that can be opened in a foreign country for a Bulgarian election.

With a minimum 60 applications required for a polling station to be opened, the number of polling stations that could theoretically be opened in the UK goes well past the limit of 35.

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