Serbia sending joint army-police teams to Bulgarian border

The Serbian government has decided to set up joint military and police teams to be deployed at its borders with Bulgaria and Macedonia to stop migrants crossing the border illegally, with a Serbian minister accusing Bulgaria of allowing migrants to flow uncontrolled across its borders.

The decision by the Serbian government was taken at a special meeting on July 17.

In a brief statement after the meeting, the Serbian government said: “The task of the police and military forces will be to prevent the illegal entry of migrants from the Republic of Bulgaria and the Republic of Macedonia, as well as to bring to justice the human traffickers in the territory of the Republic of Serbia”.

On July 17, Serbian Minister of Labour and Social Policy Alexander Vulin, speaking during a visit to Nis, openly accused Bulgaria of not controlling its borders.

Bulgaria, an EU member, kept its borders “fully open” and exercised “no control” over the movement of migrants, Vulin said.

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