Brexit: 21 EU foreign ministers to meet in Warsaw on June 27

A special council of 21 EU foreign ministers, without the foreign ministers of the EU founding countries, will be held on June 27 in Warsaw at the initiative of Polish Foreign Minister Witold Waszczykowski.

The meeting comes two days after a meeting of the foreign ministers of EU founding countries which discussed the result of the British referendum.

The meeting – whose agenda has not yet leaked – will, according to IBNA sources, discuss the consequences of Brexit, the EU’s response and the future of other EU countries, as it is now clear that the EU is heading into unchartered waters and there are formations being created that render it a multi-speed Union.

EU circles, according to IBNA information, disagree with the vindictive attitude the core of the EU is showing against the UK and are seeking a solution that will not widen differences and bring about a velvet divorce between the UK and the EU.

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(Photo, of the Polish foreign ministry building: Adrian Grycuk)