US urges diplomats’ and military’s families to leave Turkey

Once Turkish president Recep Tayyip Erdogan boarded the presidential plane to travel to Washington, the US ordered the families of American officers and diplomats serving in Turkey to leave the country for safety reasons.

The US armed forces have asked the American officers serving at İncirlik base in Adana, at the base of İzmir, as well as in Muğla (pp. Near sto Bodrum) to take their families from Turkey.

“We understand that this creates problems for the families of our military but we must keep them safe,” US officials said, however, emphasising that “the decision does not mean permanent withdrawal of the families from the military installations in Turkish territory”.

A similar announcement was issued by the State Department, “warning US citizens of the existence of threats from terror groups throughout Turkey and inviting them to avoid travelling to the southeast part of the country”.

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