Transparency International finds perceptions of public sector corruption in Bulgaria largely unchanged

Bulgaria has again ranked 69th, this year out of 168 countries, in Transparency International’s latest annual Corruption Perceptions Index, which measures perceived levels of public sector corruption.

Based on various criteria, the country scored a value of 41, after 43 in 2014 and 41 in 2013 and 2012.

Bulgaria tied in 69th place with Jamaica. In slightly more respectable places in the rankings were Turkey and Macedonia, jointly in 66th place, and Romania and Greece, jointly in 58th place. But Bulgaria’s other neighbour, Serbia, was in 71st place.

The three countries that did best in Transparency International’s rankings were, in first place, Denmark, followed by Finland and Sweden. The three that did worst were Afghanistan, 166th, and North Korea and Somalia, joint 167th.

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