Moscow MH17 presentation seen as sloppy pre-emptive measure against Dutch report

A Russian arms manufacturer treated journalists to a Kafkaesque press conference ahead of the release of the Dutch Safety Board’s official MH17 report on October 13 – even offering footage of an experiment in which they blew up a plane to prove that Russia did not blow up the plane that plummeted from the sky over eastern Ukraine on July 17 2014.

But weapons experts were skeptical of the “experiment” offered by the arms manufacturer, Almaz Antey, which produces BUK missiles, and speakers at the press conference failed to offer definitive proof of their claims.

“It’s all (nonsense),” said independent Russian military expert Pavel Felgenhauer. “It’s a C-grade way of resolving something. You know what results you have to get, and then you manipulate accordingly,” he said.

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(Archive photo: Anastasia Vlasova/The Kyiv Post)