Hungarian TV sation fires camerawoman for tripping, kicking migrants

A Hungarian Internet television station has fired a camerawoman for deliberately tripping and kicking migrants fleeing police through a field Tuesday.

The pro-nationalist N1TV said journalist Petra Laszlo behaved unacceptably and that her actions were shocking.

The Hungarian Press Union said that “the whole profession condemns this.”

Both the International Federation of Journalists and the European Federation of Journalists backed the TV station for firing her and urged reporters and crews to uphold professional ethics.

In a video shot by another TV crew, Laszlo is seen sticking out a foot to trip a man carrying a young child as they run next to her. The child emerges crying.

She also is seen kicking a boy, as well as kicking a young girl in the stomach. It was unclear whether anyone was seriously hurt.

Laszlo has not made any statement about the videos. The ultranationalist Jobbik Party, which is associated with N1TV, also has made no comment.